Halo Halo Recipe

Halo Halo Recipe
Serves 1-2
•evaporated milk
•white sugar-to taste
•ice cream
•leche flan
•prepared ube or purple yam
•sweetened plantain banana(saba)
•shaved or crushed ice - to fill the glass
•rice crispies or pounded sweetend rice.
•Jackfruit(cut into strips)
•ripe mango(cut into cubes)
•grated young coconut meat
•red mung beans
•nata de coco( preserved sweetened coconut)
•gelatin(cut into cubes)
•sweetened  corn kernels
•sweetened beans

1. Prepare the ingredients and make sure that the fruits are already peeled and cut into cubes or strips. Get the tall glass or bowl and put the following ingredients, the red mung beans, nata de coco, gelatin,s weetened corn kernels and sweetened beans. Next up, put the ripe mango, jackfruit, and the grated young coconut meat. You can put as much variety as you want, until the glass/bowl is half full and half empty.
2. Situate the ice in the tall glass until it comes up the glass brim. Pour the evaporated milk on the ice, until the ice have the milk color. Top with one or two scoops of ice cream, a slice of letche flan, 2-4 small slices of banana, then sprinkle with the rice crispies or pounded rice, Wheaties or other cereals also work well. Ready to serve!

Serve and enjoy the Halo Halo Recipe Dessert

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